Application for living at the New Beginnings House.

Your new beginning starts here.
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When is your baby due? *

If you are receiving prenatal care, what is the name of your doctor? *

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What is your current plan for your baby? *

How is your relationship with your parents? *

Who do you live with currently? *

What is the baby's father's name and age? *

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If the baby's father knows about the pregnancy, what are his feelings about it? How does he feel about you coming to New Beginnings? *

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What is your current relationship with the baby's father? *

Or say "Father uknown."
If you have another boyfriend, describe your relationship and how he feels about the baby: *

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What is the highest level of education you have completed? *

If you have ever had a paying job, what is the most recent one? How long have you been there? Or how long were you there and why did you leave? *

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Have you worked with any of these agencies? *

If you have ever been arrested, let us know when and why: *

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If you have ever been convicted of a crime, please let us know the when and the what for: *

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What are you thoughts about God or religion? *

Have you ever been involved in a church? *

If you have ever been to a counselor, when did you go and why did you go? *

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If you have any mental health diagnoses, please list them in this box (ex. depression, bipolar etc.): *

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Please list any current medications you are taking: *

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If you are current receiving Social Security Income, please state why: *

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If you have ever used illegal drugs, (including marijuana) please list which ones, last time used and for how long: *

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Have you ever been treated for substance abuse? *

Do you smoke? *

Do you drink alcohol? *

Have you had any previous pregnancies? *

Please describe why you want to come to our home: *

The monthly fee for coming to New Beginnings House is $250. How would you be covering this fee? *

How did you find out about us? *

Thanks you for contacting us for help.

We will call you shortly to discuss your application.

If this is urgent, please call 
(253) 353-2229.
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